Sandtex® Smooth Masonry Paint

Dirt resistant, breathable and waterproof, our Ultra Smooth masonry paint uses microseal technology to give unbeatable results.  Smooth masonry paint is a creamy formulation that covers large areas fast.

• Dirt resistant

• Waterproof

• Extra durable

• Creamy smooth formulation

• Covers large areas fast


Sandtex® Smooth Masonry Paint is available in the following colours:


Suitable for use on most sound, dry exterior masonry surfaces.
Suitable: Rendering, Roughcast, Pebbledash, Concrete, Building Blocks, Facing Bricks, Emulsion or Masonry Painted Surfaces.


Stir before use. Apply with a masonry brush or exterior brush.

Coats Required: For best results 2 coats

Drying time: 3-4 hours

Easy to Apply

All surfaces must be sound, clean and dry. New surfaces will usually require little preparation, but must be completely dried out before painting.