Sandtex® Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint

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Sandtex Microseal Ultra Smooth masonry paint provides ultimate protection via its flexible coating which resists peeling, cracking and flaking.  It’s dirt resistant properties maintain the coatings aesthetic features, and offer the benefit of being rainproof in 1 hour so you can complete the job even if the weather forecast is not reliable.

• Resists peeling and flaking

• Dirt and Mould resistant

• Flexible and durable

• Rainproof in 1 hour



Sandtex® Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint is available in the following colours:

The colours shown on this website may not match exactly with the end result. Sandtex® cannot be held responsible for any variations between product and swatches shown.


Suitable for use on most sound, dry exterior masonry surfaces.
Suitable: Rendering, Roughcast, Pebbledash, Concrete, Building Blocks, Facing Bricks, Emulsion or Masonry Painted Surfaces.


Application 1 Application 2
Stir before use. Apply with a masonry brush, exterior roller or airless spray

No of Coats: For best results 2 coats are required.

Drying Time: 3-4 hours (dry and re-coatable).

Coverage: up to 16 m2 per litre.
5 Ltr will cover approximately 60 m2 on smooth rendering.
Dependent on surface texture.

Easy to Apply

All surfaces must be sound, clean and dry. New surfaces will usually require little preparation, but must be completely dried out before painting.